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short but creepy nice work!

There are now officially no more aswangs. You're so welcome! <3

Ca$happ and Paypal accepted.

This had me cracking up dude the intro was literally longer than the game xD

Super short but not bad. Made a video on it.

Very short but I love it. The atmosphere is very creepy, smooth controls, graphics is amazing, and of course I really like the ending. Great job on this.

Cool little horror game with a funny ending, very short but does the job nevertheless. Thank you for making this! 2nd game.



That ending, wow.  Excellent

That got me good.  Well done.

This was amazing! FUCKIN hilarious, I was not expecting it at all good job! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see.

Dude I was expecting so much more lmao.

hey man ¡¡¡ great game : ) , hice un video ¡¡¡ saludos desde buenos aires - argentina ¡¡¡¡¡ 

this really surprised me lol, good job!!

went from scary to hilarious real quick..This Laugh Was Much Needed Fryon lol

Amazing. Funny. Scary. Short. What more could you possibly want? Loved playing it for my 3 Scary Games video!

One of the best endings I've ever experienced. And a nice and creepy buildup! Great work! 

(Second game in the video)

3am in the woods, one of the best games iv played for sure!


Holy hell LOL !!!! Yes this was a really short game. I liked it ! being its so short, its well made. Liked the graphics! game here : 

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I wasn't expecting this, but I'm okay with it. #mfbnation, Join the Discord:

I recommend you watch the video after playing the game to avoid spoilers!!!

So the intro was spooky enough to make realize this game doesn't play around. The start with sound of the wind and surrounding being in dark with the trees around made me feel uneasy until the surprise I won't spoil it here but booooy it got me hahahaha. I recommend you check this game out it's good stuff!!

Well that just happened...

Thanks for playing!

I love games like this!! This one was GREAT! 


Thank you! I did have fun watching you video. 🤟

Oh, it's a good game. I love it:)

Thanks for playing!

Loved it, especially the ending :)

Tha ks for playing! I'm glad you liked it

very funny short game friend 

the coconut falling from the aswang is pure comedy AHHA

salamat sa game kaibigan

Thanks for playing! 🤟


Thanks for playing!

Well that was unexpected, haha. I dig this game. That was pretty funny, man. Thanks for the fun!


Thanks for playing and  for your comments! It's well appreciated.

Really Short

Thanks for playing! I recommend you to play the whole game!