"Enjoy your weekend!" 

Ah what a good phrase to hear. Who doesn't want to hear it?
The barista.

[W, A, S, D] or [Up, Left, Down, Right] to move. [Space] to interact.

How to make Coffee:
Plain Coffee:
  1. Add sugar and coffee to the coffee maker
  2. Wait for it
  3. Serve.

Latte (Coffee with milk)
  1. Add sugar and coffee to the coffee maker
  2. Wait for it
  3. Add Milk
  4. Serve


Sebastian Perry Ferrera

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreSurvival, Strategy
Made withUnity
TagsFast-Paced, Funny, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


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Nice game! I would lower the volume some because the sound started to blast when multiple coffee machines started. Lovely art though and addicting game.

What a nice game! I would turn down the volume of the heartbeat though, and I would have some indication that I can interact with something when I'm next to it. It took me a second to realize that I would interact with the buckets of stuff, although that might just be me not reading the instructions very well. Great job! Here's mine https://itch.io/jam/weekly-game-jam-159/rate/715311 feel free to check it out :)

its so good . i like the style.

well done.

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Thanks for playing! Im so glad you liked it. If you have some suggestions feel free to post it.

I died and felt over stressed from working on the weekend haha.Good game. It was hard to interact with the items or even know when I am inside the area where I can interact. Good idea would be to have the item turn a different color so I know I can interact

Thank you for the feedback! Consider that done post-jam. Thanks for playing